Thursday, July 20, 2006


Further IE Strangeness

My development work browser is Mozilla (I do my surfing in FF). Years of fighting IE means that I generally write stuff that will just work in that browser without having to test it too extensively. So, naturally, I became a little complacent... and don't even test in IE anymore.

My boss is finding that a portion of Javascript validation for the current project is just not working. His work browser is IE...

Here's my code:

name = find('name'+i); email = find('email'+i);
if (name.value == "")
 alert("Please enter this name")
 return false;

So when I don't enter a name, Moz/FF warns me. IE... just pretends like it's not there. No warning or error.

Turns out, for some reason, that name is reserved in some way.. I can still use it.. it just ignores what I do with it!

Changing name to namefield fixed it.

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